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Ar(a) - Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Ltd. - Office Profile

Ara Landscape Architecture was established in 2015 by landscape architect and urban designer Osnat Kaslassi Kotzer, who graduated with a master's degree in urban design from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and landscape architect Rakefet Sinai, who graduated with a master's degree in landscape architecture from GSD, Harvard University, MLA. The firm's staff includes professionals from various fields, including landscape architects, planners, architects,and landscape engineers.

Ara Landscape is an independent firm and believes in regular cooperation with professionals from different disciplines.

Our planning approach is based on a site comprehensive study and analysis of its various components, understanding the elements of the program and the users and the client needs while finding creative and Innovative solutions to create a quality space that meets the needs of the various users, integrates nature, and is adapted to varied activities.

We are committed to sustainable design, in the city and in open landscapes, striving to strengthen and create natural spaces in dense cities, to integrate new ecological approaches and encourage interdisciplinary teamwork in the planning process for the improvement of open spaces and various living environments.

We specialize in working in an urban environment, in turning the city into a walkable space, creating green sequences and connectivity that encourage walkability, community and attachment to the place. Our team leads several walkability projects in the city of Jerusalem, a city characterized by a challenging topography.

The firm deals with projects of varying scale: master plans, plans, detailed plans and implementation plans, in a wide variety of fields: city building, planning new and existing neighborhoods, parks, gardens, restoration of degraded areas, infrastructures, and integration of public transportation routes in urban areas and more.

We strive to create a balanced and functional environment and act modestly knowing that we are part of a complex, and not fully comprehensible system.
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